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Broward 24/7: (954)764-7377 Toll Free: (877) 566-8759

Palm Beach 24/7: (561) 209-2100 HOME & HOSPITAL VISITS

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Broward 24/7: (954)764-7377 Toll Free: (877) 566-8759

Palm Beach 24/7: (561) 209-2100 HOME & HOSPITAL VISITS

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Broward 24/7: (954)764-7377 Toll Free: (877) 566-8759

Palm Beach 24/7: (561) 209-2100 HOME & HOSPITAL VISITS

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Boca Raton Fl Personal Injury Lawyers

Hurt by Another’s Negligence? A Boca Raton Florida Injury Lawyer Can Help

Did a drunk driver run a red light while texting and crash into your car? Maybe your pharmacist was not paying enough attention and they gave your baby the wrong medication. Or perhaps they forgot to put up a wet floor sign after cleaning something up at the Town Center of Boca Raton and you fell and got hurt.

Personal injury can occur when you least expect. There are countless ways in which another person’s misconduct, negligence, or even intentional conduct can hurt you or cause the death of your loved ones.

Negligent individuals and people who hurt others intentionally must be held accountable for their dangerous behavior — otherwise, they might just keep on doing it and harm someone else. Furthermore, you should never have to pay for another’s mistake, and filing an injury claim can help you get fair and just compensation if you suffer any form of personal injury due to another’s negligence.

At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, we wholeheartedly believe in your right to compensation, and understand what it takes to help you find justice and get what you deserve. Our experienced Boca Raton injury lawyers have successfully represented countless others like you in and around the area, and we can help you, too. Our vigorous representation is focused on achieving a fair resolution and settlement of every personal injury case that we handle.

How do you start? By scheduling a consultation at our law firm.

Why You Should File a Boca Raton Injury Claim after Being Hurt by Another’s Negligence

Wondering whether or not it is actually worth it to file a claim?

That is a valid question. If you have truly only suffered a minor injury, the answer is likely no. After all, even though we make no money until and unless you win your claim, there is still quite a bit of time, money, and effort that has to go into every personal injury case.

However, make sure that your injury really is minor. We have heard countless stories from people who did not believe it was worth it to sue only to have their injury linger and cause them problems. Untold pain and suffering, costly medical bills, lost wages due to missing work for medical appointments — the costs of an injury can go on and on.

Our legal team applies smart, insightful strategies to see to it that our clients get fair and just compensation for any physical, financial, or emotional damages associated with personal injury. This compensation not only reimburses the client for lost earnings, but also helps them take care of themselves and their families as they recover, cover funeral and burial expenses, find consolation for the emotional distress suffered, and more.

You may not even realize the various damages that you are able to receive compensation for without talking to a lawyer.

Moreover, as mentioned above, filing a claim brings accountability to those responsible. Particularly where businesses and other organizations in Boca Raton are concerned, they have a reputation to protect. If you help shine a light on bad practices that resulted in your injury, they are far more likely to alter those practices and become more safety focused.

Your case can eliminate dangerous practices, keep others from cutting corners, and stop them from being reckless. In short, you can help make Hollywood safer for everyone.

No Matter What Kind of Injury You Suffered in Boca Raton, We Can Help

Some Boca Raton injury lawyers focus on a particular type of case. Auto accidents, for example. Or medical malpractice.

At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, our attorneys have experience in a wide variety of injury situations — something we believe makes us better lawyers, because we understand both how personal injury cases work as a whole in Florida, as well as the individual nuances associated with each type of claim.

As such, our team is able to handle all kinds of personal injury cases, including those that involve:

Boca Raton Injury Attorneys with the Experience You Need


Before his time at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, Jeffrey Braxton actually spent many years working for the dark side — he defended insurers against the type of cases he now regularly takes against them. In retrospect, his time doing that has proven incredibly valuable to his current career, because he is able to use the insight he gained into how insurers defend themselves in these types of cases to poke holes in those defenses and help get his clients the compensation they need and deserve. In his combined time trying injury cases on both sides of the law, Mr. Braxton has handled literally thousands of cases and seen just about everything.


For well over a decade, Ms. Perez has been practicing law in Florida. She started as a public defender in Orange County, protecting the rights of the accused and making sure they received a fair trial. This is a perspective that she brought with her when she came to The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, where she remains focused on protecting rights and seeking justice for her clients. Ms. Perez currently serves as the lead workers’ compensation trial counsel at the firm, and in 2003 was named “Rookie of the Year” by the Florida Workers’ Advocates for her work protecting workers. She has also tried a number of serious auto accident injury cases — both bench and jury trials.


A practicing lawyer since 1997, Mr. Stein’s focus at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida is wrongful death, personal injury protection (PIP), and general personal injury. He always strives to get his clients the compensation they deserve in addition to holding negligent parties responsible for their actions and fighting to have them alter their practices. As a father of two boys, he has a personal stake in working to make Hollywood — and all of Florida — a safer place to live and grow up.


A Ft. Lauderdale native, Mr. Posner received his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida. He then went on to get his law degree from the Florida International University College of Law. While at FIU, Mr. Posner was mentored by a number of prominent legal figures in south Florida, which provided him with both useful experience and in-depth knowledge on the law.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve for Your Boca Raton Injury Starts with Scheduling a Consultation

After an injury, getting healthy has to be your primary concern. We understand that, and absolutely believe that you should seek out medical help as soon as possible. Getting immediate medical assistance quickly not only minimizes the harm that you suffer but also provides you with medical records that are vital in proving that you were injured should you seek compensation.

That is where we come in. Once you have gotten the medical help you need, your next job should be looking for a good injury lawyer in Hollywood. The Injury Law Firm of South Florida is committed to helping you. The sooner you schedule a consultation with us, the quicker we can begin working towards the most favorable outcome for your case. No matter the nature of your personal injury, we’ll fight for you to the end.

Contact us now by filling out our simple online form or calling:

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Office Location and Service Areas

The Injury Law Firm of South Florida handles cases throughout Florida from their Fort Lauderdale office. Here is a list of some of the counties and cities we serve:

Martin County

Breeze Park, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Sewall’s, Stuart  Point Ocean.

St. Lucie County

Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie.

Lee County

Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, East Dunbar, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel.

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Aventura, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Kendall, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, South Miami,  Beach, Sunny Isles, and throughout the greater Miami-Dade area.

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