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How Liability Works in Florida Boating Accidents

Florida is known for its beautiful waterways, which are excellent for boating. Unfortunately, boating accidents are common and happen for many different reasons.

Below, we’re going to cover the most common reasons for boating accidents and tell you how boating negligence cases work if you are injured.

Why Florida Boating Accidents Happen

Here are the most common reasons for boating accidents in Florida:

Operator is distracted

Distracted operation is [..]

5 Winterizing Tips to Ensure Boating Safety for Next Summer

Summer is winding down, which means you might have to put away a few of your favorite things: your grill, your outdoor hammock, and – of course – your boat.


Whether you’re leaving your vacation home or have felt the first signs of fall, it’s a good time to consider beginning the winterization process. Even in Florida, winterization is very important. As your boat sits and isn’t looked [..]

Did You Know You Can Be Fined For Having an “At-Risk” Boat?

If you have a boat or vessel in the state of Florida, you’d better make sure it’s still in pretty good condition. A new law signed earlier this summer allows law enforcement officials to fine you for having a boat deemed to be “at-risk.”


But what exactly does that mean?


Understanding the Definition of an “At-Risk” Boat in Florida


Previously, law enforcement could only take action [..]