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Florida Construction Worker Falls Three Stories, Nearly Dies

Construction work is no easy feat. There are many risks of working in construction, and workers have to take many precautions to stay safe.


If those precautions are not followed to the letter, workers face serious injuries in a variety of different ways. Even a simple slip and fall and turn deadly. Just look at what happened in Fort Lauderdale last month.


Three-Story Fall Causes Life Threatening[..]

Crane Accidents, a Leading Cause of Construction Fatalities

With more and more people moving to urban areas and looking for central places to live and work, sometimes the only direction to go is up. High-rise buildings are, well, on the rise, and construction cranes are becoming a fixture along the skyline of major cities in Florida and around the country. Most of us pay these large pieces of machinery little mind… until we hear about a gruesome [..]

6 Reasons Why Construction Accidents Will Continue to Claim Innocent Lives

Some jobs certainly don’t attract as much attention as others. For instance, telling someone you work as a plumber or on a construction site may not impress them as much as telling them you are an architect, photojournalist, or an astronaut. But construction jobs are some of the most underrated, if not for the growth and rewarding opportunities, then at least for the many dangers and risks workers are [..]