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How to File an Insurance Claim for Irma Damage and Get Paid

Hurricane Irma left a multi-billion-dollar trail of destruction in her wake, leaving many Florida property owners homeless or with significant damages to repair.


Numerous Floridians have already filed insurance claims. As of November 13th 2017, 830,788 claims have been filed for Hurricane Irma damages, the vast majority of which are for residential properties. Of these claims, 317,389 (38%) have been paid and are now closed. An additional 216,318 [..]

What Types of Damages Did Irma Leave You With?

Now that Hurricane Irma has passed over Florida, residents are left with picking up the piece and getting to the hard task of recovery. For some, that may be limited to surviving until the power returns. For others, it could involve trying to fix or replace things that were lost or harmed in the storm.


Which begs the question: what kind of property damage have you sustained? What [..]