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Florida Woman Loses Slip and Fall Case – What You Need to Prove

People slip and fall every day, but they don’t necessarily think they have a lawsuit on their hands.


Delores Arp of Palm Beach County, however, absolutely believed she had a valid slip and fall lawsuit when she tripped on a loose paver stone at Waterway East Association, Inc. Arp was walking back to her house, and she used W.E.’s shopping area property as a shortcut – a cut-through [..]

What Are Your Rights As a Tenant in Florida?

Living in an apartment complex or leased property definitely has its perks: no mortgage payments, you don’t have the commitment of living there forever, and loans aren’t necessary to put down a security deposit. Most apartments also offer free maintenance. You put in a request, and (for the most part) someone arrives to install your light bulbs, change your filters, and so on.


We say “for the most [..]

How Zoos Train Staff to Keep Guests Safe

Many zookeepers and zoo visitors are still shaken by the death of Harambe, a 17-year old, 440-pound gorilla who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo.


In May, Harambe was shot and killed after a 3-year-old boy climbed into the gorilla’s enclosure. The boy had a close encounter with Harambe for over 10 minutes before zoo staff decided he was in danger and Harambe needed to be shot.


The [..]

Alligators in Your Swimming Pool? It’s No Joke

Among all of the tragedies that Orlando and the state of Florida have faced recently, one of the most heartbreaking involved a 2-year old boy playing at Walt Disney World.


Lane Graves, 2, of Nebraska, was playing in the water outside of Disney’s Grand Floridian Spa and Resort when he was quickly snatched by an alligator and dragged into the water. His body was found a day later.[..]

What Happens If My Child Is Injured at Summer Camp?

School is out, but that doesn’t mean your child has to be stuck at home for the summer with no structure and nothing to do. Summer camps are a great way to keep your child active, supervised, and having fun – while also allowing them to branch out. However, summer camps come with a lot of risks you won’t find in a classroom.


Activities like swimming, climbing, building [..]

Are Waterparks Safe?

When it comes to fun in the water, Florida has most other states beat. Not only do we boast some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and lush lakes, we are home to some of the world’s most renowned waterparks.


Abounding with towering slides, colorful fountains, and lazy rivers, waterparks can be the perfect place to cool down on a steaming hot summer afternoon. However, like all recreational [..]