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Older Truck Drivers Causing Lots of Florida Accidents


After years of working 40-plus hours a week at a desk job, driving a truck may sound like a dream come true. As long as you have a decent driving record, you can make a decent living by transporting goods and getting to see the country. Perhaps partially because of this, truck driving has become the chosen profession of many individuals who are reaching the age of retirement [..]

What Happens If You’re In An Accident with a Big Rig?

Have you ever been on the highway and dreaded seeing a big rig up ahead of you? If you grip a little tighter on the wheel when you’re passing a big truck, you’re not alone. Big rigs are intimidating, and a run-in with one won’t just leave you with a small bruise.


If you do find yourself in an accident with a big rig, you’re going to have [..]

The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Driving a truck is not an easy job. It’s very exhausting to be on the road all the time, which explains why truck drivers are known to sometimes cause accidents. And since trucks are really big compared to other vehicles you can find on the road, it’s only logical that these accidents tend to result in major damage and serious injuries.


But while it’s easy to simply blame [..]

Horrible Truck Accident Leaves Woman Trapped in Cement

If you’ve ever known someone––a friend, relative, or acquaintance––who’s been involved in a serious truck accident, you know how traumatic the experience and its aftermath can be. The sheer weight and size of the truck compared to smaller vehicles means that any high-impact accident will usually result in much more serious consequences for the passenger vehicle, as well as the people inside it.


In some situations, the nature [..]

You’re Not Safe from Truck Accidents No Matter Where You Are

When big trucks get into accidents, they not only tend to cause a lot of damage, but leave a wide swath of destruction,as well. Saying this shouldn’t be telling you anything new, because it’s pretty obvious that a large, heavy vehicle – especially one that’s moving fast – is going to plow through anything and everything in its path. But even knowing this, you would probably imagine that you’re [..]

Pizza Companies Should Take Responsibility for Delivery Driver Tragedies



It’s a Dangerous World for Pizza Delivery Drivers


Pizza can be dangerous. No, we’re not talking about the fat content or the artery-clogging cholesterol. We’re talking about the surprising number of accidents and injuries surrounding pizza delivery. In fact, according to, in 2003, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked pizza delivery and other delivery jobs as the fifth most dangerous occupation, with [..]

Truckers Must Follow Strict Federal and State Laws to Maintain Safety on the Roads

Any motor vehicle accident is a serious matter, but when the accident involves a truck, the sheer power and size of the truck tends to cause more severe property damage, personal injury, and even death. This is why federal law requires truck drivers to meet certain requirements, undergo rigorous training, and comply with strict safety guidelines. A truck accident lawyer in West Palm Beach is knowledgeable with regard to [..]

Truck Accident Results in Serious Injuries

With the number of semis that travel in and around the Boca Raton area, motorists should know that if a truck accident occurs, help is available from a personal injury attorney in the area. Truck accidents can be particularly dangerous because the size and weight of the truck involved can increase the likelihood of victims sustaining serious injuries. If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a [..]