Our Personal Injury Law Firm Wants You to Understand Your Rights After an Accident or Injury at Work

The accident attorney team at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida knows how important it is that victims of work injuries have a good understanding of how the Florida Workers’ Compensation claim process operates. It’s simply not fair for victims to have to rely on their employer or the insurance company to get an understanding of their rights and responsibilities at this vulnerable time.

That is why our team of attorneys developed a FREE consumers’ guide to Florida workers’ comp. “What to do if You’ve Been Seriously Injured on the Job: Workers’ Compensation Claims in Florida” is an easy-to-read, legalese-free eBook that provides injured victims and their families with vital information about what happens after a serious work accident in Florida.

Some of the things you will learn about Florida workers’ comp include:

  • When you are NOT eligible for Workers’ Compensation. (Did you know that in some cases, your own behavior can nullify your right to recovery? That’s why an accident attorney is such an important advocate for you every step of the way!)
  • A step-by-step guide of what to do after a work accident. (Failing to do something on this list may threaten your case!)
  • A breakdown of the kinds of common medical expenses that you may be able to include in your claim. (This includes an outline of how much you can expect and the duration of payment.)
  • The kinds of challenges you could face in a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim. (Beware: Some employers may knowingly or unknowingly prevent you from getting access to your earned compensation.)

This free guide is no substitute for the kind of personalized advice that can be offered by your Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer, but it is an important tool in the battle to level the playing field between you and the insurers/your employer.

By ordering this FREE guide, you are under no obligation to work with The Injury Law Firm of South Florida. If, however, you would like to schedule a FREE consultation with a South Florida work accident attorney, you are invited to contact us 24/7 at 954-764-7377.

Learn What to do if You've Been Seriously Injured on the Job